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About me ...

Follow your passion ...

I have always been a passionate traveller. When I was a young boy I always had geographic or adventure books around and vividly imagined myself exploring faraway mountains, rivers or jungles. A Agfa 120 roll film camera I borrowed from my dad for a trip to the Swiss Alps with some friends, set me on the path of photography. I learned how to process my own films and prints.

Finally I followed my passion to become a professional cameraman and photographer combining a professional life with as much travelling as possible. I started my career as a 16/35mm film cameraman, but soon made a switch to commercial photography. With an increasing corporate customer base, producing and directing corporate and commercial videos became core of my business. I also worked for several years as a television cameraman.    

A love for beautiful books brought me on the difficult path of publishing my own work, and opening a small photo gallery in my home town.

My vision ...

TRAVEL is an art when it inspires to see the beauty in life, people, nature or culture and helps to discover or develop some inner resources you were maybe not yet aware off. When travelling becomes a spiritual awakening then this is art: something similar to the transcending experience one feels when looking at snowclad mountaintops or thundering waves breaking on high cliffs. The art of travel is about consciously looking and noticing, being receptive and aware. Doing so renders these experiences meaningful.

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY is an art. The destination inspires the way to photograph. You have to open your mind and change your attitude to fully enjoy the world. Photography intensifies this experience because you may have to change the way you look at nature, people, history and culture. Photography is not about narrowly looking through the lens, but trying to see the bigger picture first. You have to approach your subject slowly and from a mind set to openness.

It is an advantage to be travelling alone if photography is your goal. For me photography is a lonely occupation, free from any inhibition caused by others. Over the years, I’ve had all sorts of travel experiences that have eventually led their way into finding a bigger picture in my work. At times something occurs that lodges in my mind until I see a series of seemingly unrelated pictures developing around a theme. Travel and photography have helped me to see things in newer and more enlightening ways

With the photos on these pages I'ld like to share some of those lonely moments and places that finally make the world a beautiful place.

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