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Welcome to my shop.


Here you can buy my books and prints from a selection of pictures. If you want a print from a picture that does not show in this gallery or a specific size or presentation, please send me an email with your request. I will send you a quotation as soon as possible. Mutiple orders are subject to discounts or special offers.

Order books by email.


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Frames #1 Abstractions in Photography

Published by TheScreenWorks, November 2018.

Hard Cover, 116 pages, size 20 x20 cm.

ISBN 9-789-08294-411-2


This series of photographs is not about the object itself, nor is it about making a subject unrecognizable.  The photographer let his eyes and emotions be led by lines, textures, colors, shapes, patterns and alterations. The chosen frame is a square format limiting the viewer to step away from the chosen object.

In this book the general approach of photography is mostly non-human, eliminating people from a composition. Depicting traces of human presence is limited to showing what’s left after people interfered with the subject.

In this series of photographs, the photographer isolates, eliminates, increases or decreases the distance from my chosen object or subject, uses motion, randomizes patterns and explores the relationships between different areas, colors and tones. He creates a different world from, apparently, chaos or recognizability.

price: 25€, excluding shipment. 

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Pole Pole Kilimanjaro Rudy Dupont copy2 book.png

Pole Pole Kilimanjaro

Published by TheScreenWorks, November 2020.

Hard Cover, 250 pages, size 20 x25 cm.

ISBN 9-789-08294-412-9

With 192 photos and a day-to-day account of the tough trek and climb up Africa's highest mountain we are presented with a unique insight into a Kilimanjaro mountain expedition.  

We learn about the preparations for the trek, explore the town of Moshi, the starting point for this expedition through the Kilimanjaro National Park, and relive the ultimate ascent, starting at night and under rough conditions up to Uhuru Peak, the 5,895-meter summit.

This is a story full of emotions, told with lots of respect for the environment and for the local team that supported the author on his expedition.

​The many photos present a clear picture of nature's diversity on the mountain slopes of Kilimanjaro but also testify to the global climatological changes. The impressive glaciers pushing down from the summit crater and the extensive ice fields are disappearing at a fast rate.

price: 35€, excluding shipment. 


You can order prints from all pictures in


Frames #1 : The print formats available from this book are  50 x 50 cm or 100 x 100 cm.

Pole Pole Kilimanjaro: Available print formats 20 x 30 cm, 40 x 60cm

Prints are available from all other photos on this site in the following formats. 


                                        Print                       Canvas                          Di-Bond



20 x 30 cm                     50 €                         65 €                                 

40 x 60 cm                     110 €                     140 €                                215 €

50 x 50 cm                     110 €                     145 €                                255 €

80 x 120 cm                   225 €                     310 €                                465 €

100 x 100 cm                 335 €                     535 €                                850 € 

120 x 120 cm                 495 €                     585 €                              1150 €


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